Sunday, September 22, 2013

Illustration Intensive - Intensely Amazing

Illustration intensives are relatively newish and I am so grateful. The purpose of the intensive is to bring you back to art school (only the knowledgeable professor is replaced with a savvy and important art director).

So at this year's Midsouth Fall Conference we were privileged to have the fabulous Ms. Loraine Joyner, a Senior Art Director from Peachtree Publishers. We picked from three delightful stories (that are either published or almost published from Peachtree), and these were the spreads we came up with to illustrate a portion of the text for the story.

We were lucky that Ms. Joyner was articulate, critical, while being very nurturing when giving her critiques. And I have to say that the Midsouth needs to pat itself on the back again because we were told by Ms. Joyner that the Midsouth has "…an amazing level of talent."

And here's proof:
Illustrated by Maureen O'Brian 
Illustrated by Kris Sexton
Illustrated by Danaye Shiplette
Illustrated by Mary Uhles