Monday, March 21, 2011

My Portfolio Facelift

Here's a little of my work in progress.... I refer to it as a portfolio facelift, partly because portfolio tummy tuck doesn't sound as good. These were created with the goal of not only being new portfolio pieces but also mailers with an impact. I focused on dynamic points of view and expressions. Read on and enjoy.

Jack and the Beanstalk

The Princess and the Pea

Rainy Day

The Tea Party


Sunday, March 6, 2011

'Walking Through Walls' is a work in progress.

   Being a new contributor, as of today, I wanted to share my current WIP, Walking Through Walls, by Karen Cioffi (releasing May 2011 from 4RV Publishing). Most of the same post will be available on my own blog, directing them to here too, so that I can introduce my current readers to this blog, as well.

Walking Through Walls is an MG (middle grade), novel re-imagining an old Chinese folk tale. There are ten chapters, and I have finished  seven, so far (one illo for each chapter). Here, I share two completed illos (chapter one and chapter five), and the last illo, a rough from chapter nine. As a matter of fact, I had hoped on finishing these up prior to the release of the ARCs, but I just couldn't work that fast (only had a month to do the design layout, the research on Chinese period clothing and harvesting tools, the sketches, and completed illustrations). So the reviewers will see seven completed illos, and three roughs. Oh well. It's an ARC, so it's acceptable.

I do tend to gravitate toward high contrast looks, but in this instance, I am paying homage to the ancient oriental paintings. The one done in black ink with nothing more than a stiff brush. The style is mine, and more modern, but I wanted the feel of black on black, like those.

Cover blurb:
Wang longs to be rich…and powerful. At twelve-years-old, he already knows more about the Eternals and their way of life than many of the adults in his village. Learning about these mystics takes his thoughts away from the possibility of working in the wheat fields all his life, like his father.

Wang has far grander goals.

ISBN: 978-0-9826594-7-2
Available June of 2011 (ARCs available now, for book reviewers - contact author or publisher for more info)

Now, let's look at the illos...
In chapter 1, we see Wang working hard in the wheat fields, in the hot sun, with his father, loading bundles in a wagon.
In chapter 5, Wang comes face to face with the Master Eternal and two student mystics, after a long, arduous journey.

Now for the rough...

In chapter 9, Wang is scheming how to use the magic the Master taught him, to steal from a rich merchants house.
As you can tell, compared to the finished pieces above, I have a bit of refining to do. Plus, there are two more 'roughs' on my drawing table that need finished, as well. This one will be time consuming because of all the detailing that needs added in the wall and doors, and the tree leaves. But that's okay, I have a perverse attraction to intricate patterns ... lol.

Thanks for letting me share my current WIP. I welcome any and all constructive comments.