Monday, February 7, 2011

2011 SCBWI NY Conference

The 2011 NY conference was such an inspiration! Here are a few photos & ramblings from the POV of a Midsouth Illustrator in the big city! 
Nashville was NOT snowy but NY was, so I got off to a late start...

I stayed with my daughter and saved the big bucks for the NY hotel room. I missed late night chattering with my friends... but oh well!
Wow! That Leonard Marcus Tour of famous sites in Children's Books was just amazing. Here are a few pictures so you can see what it was really like.
Grand Central Station- inspiration for many
The Children's Entrance to the NY Public Library

The most famous stuffed animals I know of.
Wall murals in the children's room
Original Charles Scribner & sons Building where Children's Publishing in America, began.
This fountain sculpture in Rockefeller Center was sculpted by Rene Paul Chambellan. He also sculpted the reliefs for the Newbery & Caldecott Medals!
Original home of Simon & Schuster & later, Golden Books
Plaza Hotel, Home of Heloise
The tour ends in the Tea Room by Heloise's Gift shop in the Plaza. Here is Genetta Adair, Midsouth RA, me, & Sharon Cameron, Midsouth Conference Coordinator. Fortifying ourselves with hot chocolate before the looong walk back to the hotel.
Next Day the Conference begins!
 The official SCBWI Conference blog does a MUCH better job than I do of talking up the details, so check it out at :
and here is another link to highlights, mostly of keynotes: 

After a full and inspirational day we gather other Midsouthers for dinner, stories & laughter.
Clockwise: Cheryl, me, Martin, Genetta, Rebecca, Sharon

Sunday: Last day of the Conference
I WISH I had gotten to congratulate Leeza. She was gone before I could catch her. Her work is fabulous and I was thrilled for her to win the Illustrator Showcase!


  1. I just LUV this Susan. You've shown yet again your storytelling skills. And hanging it all on PINK SNOW Boots(grin)
    I felt like I was there myself, seeing your great photos and darling sketches. You've really captured the "best parts" of an event like this. You so ROCK!

  2. Your excitement shines through in words AND illustrations! You are IMPERVIOUS!!! :)
    Thanks for the tour also. Super fun!

  3. Wonderful wrap-up, Susan, simply darling. And Congrats on winning tuition! Where are you going to go?

  4. I think this is the perfect post because you told a captivating story. I love the Frenchman with his mustache and the bright pink impervious boots. I love that you won the Grand Prize. Can't wait to see the next story!

  5. Looks like y'all had a blast! Wish I could have been there with ya!
    :) e

  6. What a fabulous blog post Susan! Thank you for sharing. It looks like you all had a wonderful time.

  7. Lovely! Thanks for sharing this - I felt cold (from the weather in NY) and warm and fuzzy inside all over again!
    Congrats on your prize!

  8. You also win "the most FUN blog about SCBWI NY"
    & Congratulations!!

  9. Susan, this is the cutest and funniest report, so personal. I love your self-portrait looking shocked and happy when you won the prize! It's all great blogging and we're so lucky you shared this with us! Congratulations! Where are you going?

  10. Hahaha, Susan...I hadn't read all the way thru before. Really good! And the door prize...Wow!

    I know the weather probably won't warrant those boots when we come to Lexington but you gotta wear 'em anyway.