Sunday, November 14, 2010

Playing with Clay!

Here is an illustration in progress for the February issue of BabyBug Magazine.

I started off with a detailed sketch and I work back & forth with my client until I have the sketch exactly to their liking. We took out the shelf, added an oven, & scooped the pancakes off the floor!

Then I start to layer the clay with my millions of tools on my messy clay table
And here it is... almost done!  I can't show the whole thing until it is first published in the magazine. Can't wait to see how it looks in print!


  1. I love your illustrations, Susan. And this looks like another fun one. Congratulations on being published in BabyBug! And thanks for sharing with us some of the process you went through in creating this work. It was great to see you at the KY Reading Association conference.

  2. This is really looking good, Susan. You know it's appealing when it makes someone else want to run out and buy some clay and try it...although, I'm betting it's not all that easy to get the hang of. I'd love to see more of the step by step.

  3. Fascinating post on working methods Susan. I love hearing how other illustrators work, thank you for giving a fascinating glimpse into the world of clay illustration!

  4. This is absolutely wonderful, Susan.

    Come on, you can show us the completed piece, I know they won't mind. ;)

  5. Super super charming. LOVE THIS. Nice color palette too!

  6. Your work is always so charming and joyous. There's no way I'd have enough patience to work with clay and totally plan out illustrations in advance. I'm glad we have artists like you, Susan.
    This blog is such a fun idea for your SCBWI region. I added it to my Jacketflap blog reader.

  7. This looks very Susan, completely charming.

  8. Thank you so much for posting your thoughts, notes, sketches and photos, Susan! What a treat!

    and a hearty and wonderful CONGRATULATIONS!!